Monday, March 21, 2011

Blame The Moon

I had a plan for this past weekend, but I encountered more interruptions than I thought were humanly possible.  The full moon probably had something to do with it.  Anyway I feel lucky that I came out on the other side with something to show for all my time and effort.

Last month I added a scarf kit to my booth.  I had several requests asking when it would be available online.  I'm happy to report that the Dipped Infinity Scarf Kit is now available on the Dirty Water DyeWorks website.

This pattern moves from dark to light by dropping one color and picking up the next one in the progression.  The kit uses 8 colors of Julia and is available in shades of blue, green or purple.

Needless to say I didn't have as much knitting time over the weekend as I had envisioned.  The short row section of Tower Mill Shawl is finished.

Next up is the lace and cable section.  And now I'm off to make up for some of the knitting time I lost over the weekend.

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