Friday, March 11, 2011

Ready To Roll

I'm packed and ready to roll for FiberCamp Boston.  I'm looking forward to a fun weekend.  The latest addition to my collection of booth samples is finished.

The body of this cowl was quick and easy.

And then there was the border.

This lacy border of 13 stitches was worked back and forth over a 6 row repeat.  Every other row one of the border stitches was worked together with one of the live body stitches to attach the two pieces. There's something about short pieces worked back and forth that seems to take forever.  I probably spent as much time on the border as on the body.  Maybe even more.

The cowl is finished and ready to travel.

The pattern is Hoarfrost by Anne Hanson.

The yarn is Dirty Water DyeWorks Alpaca Blend.  Currently this yarn is only available at events.

I'm in love with this motif created by a combination of lace and cables. This cowl makes a nice transition piece as we move from winter to spring.

We've been playing with clay and paint around here.  This bowl provided me with my color inspiration for the week.  It's late winter, and I've been craving green.  In fact I'm getting ready to cast on a new project in green.

The color of spring.


Karen said...

The cowl is gorgeous, and I love the motif part of the pattern. I might have to get the pattern just to morph it into something I would wear (just thinking of cowls gives me claustrophobia.
Have fun at FiberCamp - can't wait to hear all about it.

Jill L said...

Gorgeous cowl. I don't have the patience!