Monday, February 28, 2011

Freeport Fun

I'm back from a whirlwind of activity in Freeport.  SPA Knit and Spin Weekend was a lot of work and loads of fun.  For all the hours and weeks of planning and preparation it seems I blinked and the weekend was over.  

We set up the booth on Friday.  It wouldn't have been New England in February without some wintery weather.

It was nice to have a fresh coat to cover up the dirty snow.

This is what we started with. 


And after.

In just a couple of hours the space was transformed.  Yes, that's a post right in front.  I worked around it and even decorated it with posters for a couple of upcoming events.

New yarn, samples and kits.

This was a petting station.  People love to touch and feel.  

I tried to make the rounds and see as much as I could of the marketplace.

There were so many wonderful things to look at - bags, yarn, fiber, notions, spinning wheels.  Michele from Three Bags Full was there.  It was her first time vending.  In the flurry of activity I didn't get a picture of her booth, but it was colorful and loaded with fun fabrics.  It looked like she was having a good time.

The greeter at the front door.

Courtesy of Mountain Fiber Folk.

This enchanting figure, also from Mountain Fiber Folk, caught my eye.

I'm amazed by the details - fingers, chin, hair, buttons.  Such character and charm!

Knitters and spinners descended on the hotel and occupied every available space.  I didn't knit more than ten rounds on my sock all weekend, but it was inspiring to be surrounded so much enthusiasm, passion and creativity.

We did manage to escape the hotel and wander around town.  It wouldn't be a trip to Freeport without a stop at L.L.Bean.

The classic boot.

It's Monday and back to reality.  Time to take inventory, assess the damage and start re-stocking.  My next event is less than two weeks away.


LISMI said...

beautiful how you did your booth!

Vermont Designs said...

Many thanks for the gorgeous skein of red Cashmere+ I won at the Fashion Show for being a knitter for over 65 yrs! It goes perfectly with some Lorna's Laces yarn pre-empted from the Free Table. How lucky can I get?

Michele in Maine said...

I'm still petting my two skeins of Eggplant Marie that I got at your booth - yummy!

What a fun weekend, but yes, a blur for sure!