Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My Strategy

The last couple years I've adopted a new strategy when it comes to holiday knitting.  Instead of knitting something for everyone in the family and trying to keep it all secret, they can each make specific requests.  If someone doesn't want anything, that's fine.  

The idea is that those who ask for a handknit will in fact wear it, and I won't spend time making something that won't get put to good use. And it takes the pressure off knitting in secret.  My knitting follows me around the house, and it's really hard to keep a secret that way.

This morning I consulted my list and decided to tackle the fingerless mitts my son, Kiko, wants.  When he made his request, we had discussed colors but hadn't settled on one.  In an attempt to be efficient, I sent Kiko a text. 

Now I'm waiting.  Sometimes texting doesn't produce immediate answers.  I think I'll get more coffee while I wait.

1 comment:

Karen Gypson said...

Good strategy- I'd like to try this approach in the future. This year I'm doing fingerless mitts across the board because time is short!