Monday, November 21, 2016

On the Couch

A nagging bug has been flirting with me for a while now, but I was fighting the good fight to ward it off.  At some point last week I lost the battle. Over the weekend I surrendered and gave in to the worst cold I've had in a long time.  

I often rate the severity of a cold by how it affects my knitting.  If it confines me to the couch and I can still knit, it's not so bad.  I consider that bonus knitting time.  If it confines me to the couch and I'm struggling to keep my eyes open, it's bad.  That means all I can do is think about knitting and nothing is actually getting done.

I was almost on the bad end of the spectrum this weekend.  I sent my daughter to the store, and she came back with cold medicine for my severe, multi-symptom condition.  Normally I'm reluctant to take anything heavy duty for a cold, and my daughter knows this.  She stood over me and refused to leave until I had swallowed a couple horse pills.

Over the weekend I let go of any thoughts of cooking, cleaning or holiday prep, and today I'm still on the mend.  The pills allowed me to function at a low level of activity, and I did get a little knitting done.

Cables are not my preferred project when I'm sick, but believe it or not I didn't have anything else on the needles.  And I wasn't in any condition to start something new.  

My to-do list for the week is looming large.  Maybe I'll knit a few rounds while I ponder my strategy for catching up.

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