Friday, December 2, 2016

Slow and Steady

I'm making progress on Kiko's mitts, but it's in fits and starts.  After texting back and forth on color options, he selected the dark gray. 
Easy enough.  I had leftover gray from another project.  It seemed like a fairly big ball, but just as I was getting ready to cast on I decided to play it safe and weigh the yarn.  Looks can be deceiving, and the ball of yarn that appeared to be so big was only 40+ grams.  Not enough for these mitts.  I found a full skein of the same gray.  Problem solved.

With a full skein in hand, I debated my options for winding.  My umbrella swift made its final turns a couple weeks ago, and I haven't had time to replace it.  I thought about putting the skein on the back of a chair and winding it that way.  It's time consuming, but it works.  Then I remembered this.

My table top swift.  Another problem solved.  

I'm still winding by hand because my ball winder is attached to a work table, and there's isn't room for this 4-dowel contraption.  This winding process is a good mental exercise, and I'm trying to appreciate the slower pace.  And it definitely beats the back of a chair.

I found this week's color inspiration during an outing by the ocean.  The world is full of loud noises and bright colors.  Every minute of every day is a cacophony of information.  During these tumultuous, troubling times, it's essential to take a break and step back.

Peace, quiet, soothing solitude.

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