Friday, June 19, 2015

20 and Counting

I appreciate a good set of instructions.  Whether they are for assembling a bookcase or baking a cake or knitting a shawl, good instructions can make all the difference.  I admit that sometimes I consider a specific instruction as nothing more than a mere suggestion.  I've done plenty of assembling, baking and knitting to realize which instructions I need to follow and which ones I don't.

When I started knitting Purpleplexy, I read through the pattern and noticed the instruction to weave in the ends as you go.  The explanation was, "to ease the burden . . . at the end of the project."  I filed that instruction under suggestion.  Weaving in ends . . . no problem, I'll just do it all at the end.

The other day I was working on Purpleplexy and did a little math. Right now I have 20 gradient ends.  By the time I finish, I'll have 50 gradient ends.  That doesn't include a few ends from the main color.

Sometimes the designer knows best, and this is one of those times.  I decided to take that suggestion to heart.  Weaving in the ends as I go will definitely ease the burden.

This week's color inspiration is an eye-catcher . . . bright and bold.

I wonder how they taste.

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Kate/Massachusetts said...

Check out Patty Lyon's color change tip at the very end of this entry. It has truly changed my color knitting! As long as I use wool that can be felted, I use this technique and have NO ENDS to weave in. Try it. It works!