Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Since You Offered . . .

Over the years I've become more and more selective with my holiday knitting.  I've pared down the list to include only those who are knit-worthy . . . those who will really appreciate and use what I give them.

When it comes to my immediate family, I started taking requests.  I don't want to knit someone a hat if what they really need and will use are mittens.  Earlier this fall I suggested to my family that if anyone had a specific request, they should let me know.  My strategy was to plan ahead and avoid crunch knitting at the very end.  The response was meager, but I didn't take it personally.  My schedule has been extra hectic the last few months.  Maybe the universe was cutting me some slack.

Then this past weekend I got 3 or 4 requests.  "You know, I could really use a new scarf.  Something with fringe."  "Remember that cowl I saw on display at the yarn shop?"  "My hands are really cold these days since I lost one of the mitts you knit last year."  Lost one of the mitts?  You didn't retrace your steps and search high and low for it?!?

My strategy had clearly failed, but there's no use crying over lost knitting time.  I went digging for yarn and got busy.

I know.  This is a pathetic start, but it's a start.  And I still haven't found yarn for all the requested projects.  Never fear.  I'm going back to the stash.  Maybe if I dig a little deeper . . .  

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