Monday, December 8, 2014

Against the Wind

After a weekend of running here and there, I'm looking forward to Monday.  I spent way too much time driving, very little time on the work that needed to get done and even less time on my knitting.  It makes Monday seem very manageable.

Here's a glimpse of my weekend.  First thing Sunday morning was a drive to the beach.

Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester.

I love the beach in winter - peace, quiet and the gentle rhythm of the waves.

The main purpose of our trek to Gloucester was another race.  Estrella was running the Happy Holidays Half Merrython.

It was a dry day, but the wind was wicked cold.  After we got there, Estrella realized she had forgotten her hat.  She went about her warmups and tried to convince me - and herself - that she didn't need anything on her head.  She would be fine.

As it got closer to the start of the race, Estrella began to have second thoughts.  Maybe, just maybe, it would be good to have something on her head.  The only option sat on my head - the still relatively new, current favorite Algonquin Hat.  Since I had already given away most of my mittens a week or so ago, it was really quite painless to surrender my beloved hat.  I handed over the warm, toasty hat, pulled up my hood and tried to ignore the draft blowing around my ears. 

Estrella had a good run, and her time was better than her last half marathon.  She wore the hat for only a couple miles, but I'd like to think it gave her a little boost. 

While Estrella ran, I had a couple solid hours to kill.  I sat in the truck with my knitting and even managed to finish something.  This morning I've been trying to take pictures, but it's not going to happen with today's light.  Those pictures will have to wait for another day. 

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Laura said...

Please tell me she didn't throw that gorgeous hat on the side of the road as she ran!