Wednesday, December 24, 2014

On the Eve . . .

It's almost party time, and there's still plenty to do - a bit of wrapping, plenty of cooking and baking, a quick dance with the vacuum cleaner. Yes, I still have a couple holiday projects on the needles, but I've embraced it as an element of my gift-giving tradition.  And I can't forget the stollen.  I use my great-aunt's recipe, and it's part of our holiday ritual.

One thing that's finished is the tree.  It's decorated from top to bottom with a quirky, eclectic mix of ornaments . . . reminders of holiday celebrations past.  

Some of my favorite ornaments are the handmade ones.

Little hands and big hands have all made a contribution to our ornament collection.

If you're looking for a break from your own holiday preparations, check out this video.  'The Warmest Tim Hortons in Canada' is about yarn bombing, community and warmth.

At the end, follow the link for the making of the video.  It shows a behind-the-scenes time lapse.

With that, I'm off to pull together all my loose ends.  If you observe the holiday, enjoy your festivities!

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