Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Knitting Gift

Thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday.  I took the day off as much as I could and had a relatively quiet birthday.  I tried to keep my time on the computer to a minimum but did allow myself a little time to look at patterns.

Of course I found several designs that struck my fancy, but one in particular was calling out to be first in line.  The cry of "drop everything else and cast on now" was loud and clear, but I got hung up on one small detail.  I couldn't decide which yarn I wanted to use.  The more I pondered it, the more stuck I got - like spinning my wheels in the snow.  I've learned my best strategy in situations like that is to walk away from it.  Let go and move on . . . which is what I did.

Sure enough, later in the day when I wasn't thinking about the new project, all was revealed.  I knew I had to use Crystal.  It seemed only fitting that I treat myself to a yak blend on my birthday.

Yesterday I had just enough time to knit a small swatch.  Today I'll size it up and cast on.  This is the birthday gift that keeps on giving.

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Judy11 said...

Still working on a Color Affection shawl and eyeing the PDXKnitterati Garland shawl (pattern, yarn and beads bought). I do recall seeing a shawl at your booth recently and don't recall if I bought the pattern or wrote the name down - need to find notes from that one (house in chaos due to new flooring being installed-aargh!) I would love to have a skein of yours to knit the pattern in question. And Happy Belated Birthday!!!