Friday, June 6, 2014

Searching for Simple

Today I'm leaving for a weekend show, so late last night I started to think about packing.  I always pack my knitting first.  Once that's in place, the rest is easy.  

Since I'm in the midst of a personal sock challenge and since socks are so portable, I knew I wanted to limit my weekend knitting to socks. When I checked in with my current sock in progress, I realized that it's almost finished and won't last the weekend.  That means it's time for a new sock project.

I'll be knitting in my booth this weekend, so one of the requirements is the pattern has to be simple - nothing too involved with a lot of cables, lace, charts and fancy maneuvers.  The other requirement is that it can't be boring.  Just because it's simple doesn't mean it has to be boring.

I started my pattern search.  I checked my usual spots - Ravelry, books, lists, files.  Many of the simple patterns bordered on boring.  It was getting late when I finally settled on this one - Longjohn Sock.  I think this pattern has the element of simplicity without being boring. The Ravelry description says it's "fun knitting that travels well."  I'll find out.  I went to bed with an empty suitcase, but I had my travel knitting sorted out.

Now that that problem is solved, I should pack some clothes.  

My color inspiration this week comes from the Charles River.  I remember when that water really was dirty.  Today it's an example of the positive impact of clean-up efforts.

Bright boats ready and waiting.

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Michele in Maine said...

The Charles was never something you wanted to fall into when I lived in Boston in the 80's! Now it looks positively drinkable or at least swimmable.