Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hauling Wool

I lovingly refer to my truck as the Wool Wagon.  When it's loaded up for a show, it's filled to capacity with wool, but these days I'm hauling wool even between shows.  I'm not at capacity, but I definitely don't have any room for passengers - which is a problem when the kids need a ride.

This is the back of my cab with the seats folded up.  This is where 3 big teens usually sit.  It's full of yarn from one side to the other. "Mom, why do you have all this yarn in the truck?"

Why am I always hauling wool around town?  There are orders that need to ship out.  I've even been known to personally deliver ones in the immediate area.  Meet local customers for coffee so they can look over a few colors?  Sure, why not.  I teach knitting classes and those require wool.  Then there are visits to area yarn shops, so owners can see the full array of colors.  Add a trunk show or three and it's no wonder I'm always hauling wool.

Today the yarn will come out so I can run errands with the kids, and tomorrow the yarn will go back in when I load up for a weekend show. When I'm not hauling kids, I'm hauling wool.

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Michele in Maine said...

Looking forward to seeing you in Windsor this weekend!