Friday, June 27, 2014

Just Like Socks

I know many knitters who are enthusiastic about knitting sweaters but always seem to get bogged down when it's time to knit the sleeves. Even the most dedicated knitter can lose interest when knitting sleeves.  There are whispers of  "second sleeve syndrome" and "oh, they take so long."  I've had similar comments when someone finds out I'm knitting sleeves.  I've heard "that's the worst part" on more than one occasion.  

I'll admit that my sleeve knitting time is probably below average.  I routinely struggle with the high shelves in my kitchen, but sleeve knitting is one instance where I reap the benefits of having short arms. In fact it might be the only benefit to having short arms.

Sometimes you have to put it all in perspective.  I've been working in the round on a pair of sleeves.  Around and around and around I knit.  

It's really no different than a simple sock without all the twists and turns to make it fit your foot.  I knit socks all the time without giving it a second thought.  Why should these sleeves be any different?

As soon as I latched on to that notion, the sleeves were done.

Now they're joined to the body of the sweater, and this project has quickly moved from portable to bulky.  I've designated it a stay-at-home project.

This week I treated myself to a lovely little bouquet, and it's provided my color inspiration for the week.

 Peony pink.

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