Monday, February 3, 2014

Treppenviertel Topper

My hat kick continues with the Treppenviertel Hat.

Last winter I made a pair of Treppenviertel socks.  I thought for sure I had made them last summer, but it turns out it was almost a full year ago . . . further confirmation that I'm useless at keeping track of time.

I loved making the Treppenviertel socks, and they've become a favorite pair this winter.

When I discovered the companion hat a week ago, I knew I had to make it.

This pattern is straightforward - rounds and rounds of knit and purl combinations to create a maze of ridges.  The design includes two options for the top of the hat.

I opted for the version with the point.

Fascinating.  I know.  I'm easily entertained.

The yarn is Lillian, colorway Ribbit.  Springy Merino is a good match for this ribbed pattern.  This hat is bound to be a favorite just like the socks.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest last week.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the comments.  People are working on a variety of items - everything from baby garments to socks to sweaters and shawls.  It's interesting to note that a fair number are knitting for themselves - probably as payback for holiday knitting.

Congratulations to Debbie, the winner of this contest.  Be sure to follow along for another contest coming up later in the month.


Anonymous said...

Did you see???
Now there's a cowl and gloves to complete the ensemble!!!

Stephanie/Dirty Water DyeWorks said...

Thanks for the tip! As I was knitting the hat, I kept thinking a matching cowl would be grand. I started to do some calculations, but now the work has been done for me. Wonderful!