Friday, January 31, 2014

After the Party

Yesterday was a party day as we celebrated another one of our kids joining the ranks of voters.  And as my oldest was quick to point out, her just-turned-18 brother could now get a tattoo and play the lottery. Turning 18 opens so many doors.

I had a long day of cooking and baking and cleaning up in the kitchen. It was well worth it.  It's challenging for everyone in the family to coordinate schedules and get together, so I savor the moments when we make it all happen.

In the end the birthday dessert couldn't support the weight of the candles, so we had to improvise.  Leftover waffles made the perfect platform.

Today I have a lot of work ahead of me, but before I jump in, I'm lingering over coffee.

And knitting a few rounds.

The wonders of winter have provided my color inspiration for the week.

Icy collage.

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Anonymous said...

What are you knitting in that beautiful green???? Great color and I love how the ribbing lines are coming together.