Friday, February 21, 2014

Ice Time

I've been bouncing back and forth between a couple knitting projects. For the moment only two are holding my attention.  We won't talk about the skein that's waiting patiently by the winder, destined to be a new pair of socks.

A few days ago I started a new shawl.  Something with a bit of lace. Nothing too involved.  A little back and forth between a couple colors. Perfect, I thought.  And it was until I delved into the lace section while watching Olympic hockey.  I should have known better.  All that action on the ice threw my stitch count off.  I had no choice but to work my way back and sort it all out - which I did after the game.

Back on track and ready to start another section.  I plan to keep it that way.  No more ice time for this project.  In case you're wondering, it's Ziggity.

I was shoveling snow the other day, and my neighbor commented that he was done with winter.  I reminded him that it's only February.  My color inspiration this time around . . . 

Savoring the season.

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