Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Very Vintage

I have a collection of vintage knitting patterns . . . a bit of knitting history.

I inherited many of them from one of my aunts.  Over the years friends have added to my collection, and I've even picked up a few here and there in my travels.  I make a point to sit down and read a few patterns every once in a while.  The style of writing has definitely changed. Many of them are only vague pattern suggestions that wouldn't make it into print today.  

Sometimes vintage knitting patterns are put to good use.  A World War I film production is looking for period knitted garments, and one woman has blogged about her pattern suggestions.  What a fascinating project.

Since I'm on the subject and the Winter Olympics are running, here's an interesting piece on the history of curling sweaters.  Classic.

As for my sweater, I'm moving right along.

I told myself I have to work a few more rows, but it's almost time to measure.

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