Friday, August 30, 2013

Of Work And Play

With the long weekend upon us and no travel plans, I'm contemplating how to balance work and play.  This is a constant debate when you're self-employed.  I envision a weekend full of luxurious hours of uninterrupted knitting time.  To be fair, most of my knitting is work-related, but often it never seems like work.  Unless I'm coming up on deadline . . . which I am.  In an effort to be balanced, this weekend will include time for work, and I will make time for other things.  

My teenage daughter is anxious to get behind the sewing machine.  I'd better strike while I have the opportunity.  By next week the novelty of sewing will have passed, and she'll have moved on to something else.

There are new colors to name.

Yes, I know.  Someone already pointed out that they look like Neapolitan ice cream.  Now I need stand alone names.

There are peaches to process.

These two boxes plus one more.  Plenty for pie and cobbler and jam and . . . 

Best to get on with it.  I'll be doing a balancing act and savoring this last bit of summer.  I hope you do too.

This week's color inspiration comes from the dahlia my husband has been tending.  Actually he left it in my care, but it wasn't thriving.  He rescued the poor plant just in time, and now it's looking lovely.

Shades of summer.

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