Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I've been rotating back and forth between two knitting projects. Socks, shawl, socks, shawl.  While I'm making great progress on the socks, I'm not so sure about the shawl.  The section I'm working on has to measure 58 inches.  I know I'm not at 58 inches, but I'm afraid to measure it for fear that I've added only 2 inches since the last time I measured.  All those rows for only 2 inches . . . I couldn't bear it.  So I keep knitting row after row, hoping to climb out of the hole and get to the other side and something close to 58 inches.  At this point, it's better to keep my head down and keep knitting until I can summon the courage to pull out the tape measure.

While I've been bouncing back and forth between these two projects, my mind has wandered to a little skein that's been hanging out at my desk.  It's been waiting patiently for a long time.  I'm holding off, but I'm very tempted to introduce a new project to the rotation. Sometimes adding to the mix can be a good thing.

Just a little something.  Maybe after I rack up a few more inches.

And yes, I do realize that all these projects are shades of purple . . . the same, yet very different.

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