Monday, September 2, 2013


Work on my thrummed mitten has come to a screeching halt.  Mitten production in my busy, busy workspace has come to a standstill.  My mitten has gone on strike.  I have to take this interruption with a smile. It is Labor Day, after all.  

OK, the mitten isn't entirely to blame.  It seems there aren't enough raw materials to finish the job.  Yes, I've run out of fiber.  I was positive I'd dyed enough.  I based my calculations on thrummed mittens I'd made before and thought I would have plenty of fiber to go around.  Wrong.  And this is where the mitten is partly to blame.  This pattern includes additional thrumming around the wrist and a thrummed thumb (say that fast a few times).  I didn't take those two things into consideration, and that extra thrumming here and there was just enough to cause a fiber shortage.

As I was heading into the thumb gusset I had a sickening feeling I might run short of fiber, but I didn't listen to that inner voice.  No, instead I kept thrumming along . . . hoping for a miracle of biblical proportions that, out of nowhere, would provide enough fiber to go around.

I've added more thrumming fiber to the dyeing queue, but I won't let this mitten close down all production.  I have a fingerless mitt waiting in the wings, and it's more than happy to work today.

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