Wednesday, July 18, 2012


We've had a hot summer.  I know New England isn't the only hot spot on the map.  Many places are experiencing extreme weather conditions.  Normally I don't let the HHH (hazy, hot and humid) interfere with my knitting, but yesterday almost pushed me over the edge.  I can take a few days of uncomfortably hot weather, but this summer it seems we've had more than usual.

For the last week my knitting has been focused on Alys.  I'm been on a mission and want to finish in the worst way.  I compiled a list of new samples the other day - there's no time to waste.  I've been knitting in front of a fan, steadily moving closer to the bottom border.  Alys must come off the needles.

But yesterday I snapped.  It was another day of oppressive heat combined with errands that involved waiting time precious knitting time, but I couldn't bring myself to lug Alys along for the ride.

This sweater has become cumbersome, heavy and hot.  Instead of adding to the steamy conditions with a lap full of wool, I opted for a sock.  At first I felt a twinge of guilt for abandoning the sweater, and then I felt a sense of relief.  Sock knitting is so much cooler.  Not to mention the fact that rounds with 65 stitches move at lightning speed compared to rows with over 300 stitches.  

To take matters even further I started to consider the difference between the two projects.  The sweater is obviously larger and heavier than the sock, but how much?  To answer that question I pulled out the scale.  The sweater weighs in at 271g, and the sock weighs in at 57g . . . a cool 57g.   

With more HHH today I'll be finishing the toe and casting on the second sock.  Alys won't be forgotten.  This weather pattern is supposed to break later today, and Alys will be back in action tomorrow.


Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

I have abandoned most of my knitting for the exact same reason. I normally take pride in being a year-round knitter, but this 90 degree + stuff is killing me. Spinning has become my go-to replacement.

Sarah said...

Hooray the heat has broken, but not without a little excitement. I live in your neighborhood and went to sleep with the sweet sounds of woodchippers, NSTAR trucks, and chainsaws in the background. I hope all is still in one piece for you.