Monday, July 9, 2012

Mere Suggestion

Last week a friend was de-cluttering and getting rid of knitting patterns. I helped her out and took a few of the patterns.  I have a couple of projects in the works already, so there wasn't an immediate need for something new.  But it's always nice to have fresh ideas and inspiration ready and waiting.  You never know when the need may arise.

The patterns hung out on my desk for a only a day or so before one of them called out for attention.  Fall is just around the corner and I have other projects I should be working on, but my resistance was low.  All I needed was the mere suggestion of a new project, and I was off and running.

Of course I found justification for starting a new project.  This colorway, Lucia Mustard Seed, is seasonally appropriate - it screams summertime sun.  And the sock is an ankle sock so it's not much of a time commitment, right?

Sunny, summer socks.

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