Monday, July 30, 2012

Just An Excuse

After all the hype and anticipation the Olympic Games are finally underway.  To celebrate many knitters are participating in the Ravellenic Games.  While this would be a good way to set some knitting goals for myself, I don't feel like taking on another commitment right now.  I have a long list of new booth samples to knit, but I have a lot of other work that needs my immediate attention. Unfortunately that work doesn't include hours and hours of uninterrupted knitting time.

But then I got to thinking - and this is usually where I get into trouble - why not at least start a new project to mark the occasion of the Summer Olympics.  If I start a new booth sample, I could chip away at that long list.  As if I needed another excuse, my on-the-go knitting project is almost finished and I need a new one.

Scalene.  Cozy, comforting garter stitch - the kind of knitting you can settle down with for "just a few rows" and lose 3 hours in the process.

It's always interesting to see which obscure sports achieve Olympic status.  How about sheep shearing?  If the trampoline can make it, maybe sheep shearing isn't too far behind.

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