Friday, July 6, 2012

Roadside Emergency

I'm traveling again, and yesterday I had a minor knitting needle emergency.  Where are all my 2.00mm DPNs when I need them? Lucky for me there was a yarn shop in the area.  I ducked into Borealis Yarns in St. Paul.  They had the needles I needed and so much more.  They have an ample work table in the front and several rooms with a large selection of yarn.  The space is comfortable and inviting; the staff is friendly and helpful.

The fun part of this shop is the bathroom.

The walls are decorated with covers from vintage knitting patterns.

It's a trip down memory lane.

I have my own collection of vintage knitting patterns so I really appreciated the display.

I thought this one was especially charming.  

If you're ever in the Twin Cities, be sure to check out Borealis.

I've been working away on Alys.  It looks the same as the last time I posted only larger, so I'll spare you the photo this time.

The rhubarb season has come and gone all too quickly, but I snapped this shot from one of our last batches - my color inspiration for the week.

 Crisp green tinged with pink.

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Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

Too funny - I used to work at Borealis! I love the bathroom :)