Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Sometimes a knitting project can test your endurance and patience. You've completed the most time-consuming, complicated part of the project and are on the home stretch.  But don't get too comfortable and settle in for a smooth ride to the finish line because that's just an invitation for something to go awry.

Over the weekend I finished the body and bottom border of Alys, and I cast off.  The end was in sight -  knit the sleeves and I'd be done. Simple stockinette sleeves with a bit of a cabled border at the cuff. Bracelet length sleeves - short and sweet.

I picked up the first sleeve and started working in the round.  The rest of the sweater had been knit flat.  In the back of my mind - the way, way back - I had a thought that often my gauge in the round can differ from my gauge working flat.  I should have tuned in and listened to that thought.  After knitting a couple of inches I noticed that my sleeve gauge was slightly different from the rest of the sweater.

It was late in the day, so I put the sweater aside and picked up a sock.  The next day I looked at the sleeve again.  If I didn't point out the gauge difference, no one would ever notice.  I didn't spend much time trying to convince myself.  The sleeve bothered me, and I couldn't live with it.  I ripped it out, changed needles and started over. Now, finally, I'm on course.  After that delay I'm sprinting to the finish line.

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Tanya said...

Sounds very familiar... Of course that was why my sleeve on Vodka Lemonade was so tight the first time "around".