Monday, August 8, 2011

Rising Prices

The cost of living.  Like everyone else I've watched as prices climb steadily upward - everything from groceries to gas to my beloved coffee.  Increases happen on a weekly - sometimes daily - basis, and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight.

The same is true for yarn and fiber.  While we don't see increases on a weekly basis, prices have been inching up.  The world-wide supply of wool is at an all-time low while the demand continues to increase. This Wall Street Journal article gives a good explanation.  Price increases are especially noticeable with luxury fibers like silk and cashmere.  As one distributor recently told me they are called luxury for a reason. You have to pay more.

For some reason I don't mind paying a bit more for yarn, but I get grumpy when I have to pay more at the gas pump.  Why is that? They're both increases, yet one is easier to swallow than the other. 

I've been reading up on price increases and the market, especially as they relate to yarn and fiber.  In the process I came across this post that sheds some light on yarn price increases.  These price increases may actually make wool production profitable for the wool producers. For some of them it's been a tough go, and these price increases are much-needed.  After all we want them to make a profit and stay in business.  When I look at it that way, I don't mind paying the extra for yarn and fiber.

I'm coming off a weekend filled with knitting, audio books and dyeing prep.  There was also a lot of cooking and baking.

Baking with blueberries, of course.  You'll find the recipe for these blueberry scones here.

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MicheleinMaine said...

Yum! Reminds me that I need to get out into our field and pick some more so I can make some scones!