Friday, August 26, 2011


New England is preparing for Hurricane Irene.  Rather than tempt the fates, I did my part to get ready for the storm.  

The first thing that people stock up on is water.

The water shelves are empty in many stores and stocking them is a full time job.

Someone convinced me I needed these.  Granted the half dozen flashlights we already have don't work and are beyond repair.

High-intensity and tactical.  I only hope that means they will generate enough light for me to see my knitting.

And I'm prepared with plenty of knitting.

Works currently in progress.

And perhaps something new.

I can't decide which color to use.

Before the summer slips away, I'm making an attempt at some family fun in the sun.  The other day we managed a beach day.  The weather was glorious - clear blue sky, nice breeze, low humidity.  In my walk along the beach I discovered my color inspiration for the week.

Glistening green with just a smidge of yellow.

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