Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Leaving A Trail

I should be chained to my desk.  I have hours and hours of computer work waiting for me.  And then there is the paperwork.  The piles are reaching mountainous proportions.  It seems almost sinful to accumulate so much paper in this paperless day and age.  

But it's summer, and I've given myself a few lazy days.  I haven't shirked all my duties and responsibilities.  There is food in the fridge, and the mounds of dirty laundry are manageable.  

Instead of sitting at my desk, I've been keeping company with a knitting project or two.  As evidence of what I've been up to, I've left a trail.

A trail of garter.  Row after row after row of glorious garter with a jagged edge thrown in for interest.  Hitchhiker.  I can't seem to stop - and won't until I run out of yarn.  Sadly the end is in sight.

Tomorrow I may be at my desk all day.  Today?  Just a few more rows of garter.


Karen said...

Geez, i thought I was up early. Love that turquiose garter stitch thing you are working on, by the way. Reminds me a little of the Helen's Lace part of a circle thing I did (the sawtooth edge especially. Working until one run out of yarn - priceless!

Tanya said...

My thumb is sticking out - wanting to take this ride