Wednesday, August 31, 2011

On The Fringe

The other day I finished the mystery blob.  As I mentioned in a previous post, half the fun with this project is the finishing.  Follow along as I share the process.

First of all the name of the mystery blob is Bad Oyster.

This pattern starts with a small number of stitches.  Notice the straight panel that runs from top to bottom.  Increases are placed on both sides of this 20-stitch panel, and the blob grows with every round. The pattern says to knit until the panel measures 18 inches or until you run out of yarn. I used the run out of yarn measurement.

Cast off all the stitches except the 20 panel stitches.  Next comes the fun part - steeking.    Note:  you need a sharp scissors for this step.

Take the 20 live stitches off the needle and find the strand between the 10th and 11th stitches - the middle.

Grab the handy dandy scissors and start to cut.

Snip, snip, snip.

All the way down the panel.

Making sure to stay on track and in the middle.

Snipping all the way to the end of the panel.

The blob is cut open.

Now it's time to unravel.

The panel strands are sorted out and tied to make fringe.

Then it's on to blocking.

The bath and blocking help straighten out the kinky fringe.

In no time Bad Oyster is ready to wear.

The yarn is Dirty Water DyeWorks Lillian, colorway Sea Glass.  Lillian is a soft, cushy 100% Superwash Merino yarn.  You may be wondering about the name of this pattern.  The design is all knit and no purl, hence the name Bad Oyster.

Yes, this will be another booth sample.

I love steeking.  It's loads of fun and has many practical applications. I chose this pattern for the booth because it's a great introduction to steeking. Somehow cutting into a shawlette seems less intimidating than cutting into a whole sweater.  If you've wanted to give steeking a whirl but have been terrified at the thought of cutting into your stitches, give it a try with this pattern.

I must admit at first I wasn't particularly drawn to the fringe.  One of my daughters says it has a cowboy look.

Maybe so.  But I've grown rather fond of it.

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Karen said...

Definitely worth waiting for - and the color is glorious!