Monday, February 14, 2011

Scroll Lace Scarf

Over the weekend I finished Scroll Lace Scarf.  After slogging through the border the body practically knit itself.

This scarf is destined to be a booth sample.  Do I knit anything else these days?  I blocked it right away so that it's ready to travel with me next week.

Each point of the picot edge was pinned out.

I appreciate this garment so much more after blocking.

The elegance and drape make for a delightful accessory scarf.

The yarn is Dirty Water DyeWorks Julia, colorway Pompeii Red.  Julia is a blend of Superwash Merino and Tencel.  The tencel gives Julia durability and a subtle shimmer that is so enchanting.

Valentine's Day crept up on me this year.  It's a good thing that others in this household have taken the initiative to mark the day.

We have decorations.

And sweets.


And cookies.

Very festive.


MicheleinMaine said...

Lovely shawl, Stephanie! Next week?? Eekk, it can't be coming up that fast!

Yummy cookies too!

Karen said...

Love the scarf. Reminds me of Meg Swansen's Mananita (or however it is spelled) with the oversize yarn over holes.

Love the Valentine Tree too. I am busily trying to bend a recipe to my will so I can take something fancy and chocolate to the post-recital reception tonight at the music school. My viola teacher and his wife are playing, and the reception is supposed to be holiday-related, so of course I am making something chocolate. Lucky my plan B recipe will also fit the bill, since plan A is behaving badly.

Betsy said...

I've always wanted to make the Scroll Lace Scarf. Following your posts on the construction, I've had second thoughts. It moved way down on my list. That border going on and on and on? Picking up all those stitches - and what are the odds that I'd actually have the right number? But now that I see your finished scarf, it's gorgeous! This pattern has definitely moved back up the list again.