Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Don't Leave Home Without It

A long time ago I learned to always take a knitting project with me when I leave the house.  Even when I'm absolutely sure I won't have time to knit,  I just never know when I'll be delayed with an unexpected wait.  Life happens, and it's good to be prepared.  Knitting takes the edge off when someone else is messing with my time, and I have to wait.  

Yesterday was one of those days. I had to go out to fulfill a family obligation.  The weather was bad, the roads were treacherous and I was doing the driving.  Surely there wouldn't be any time for knitting, but like a trained soldier I took a knitting project with me as I left the house.  Just in case.

I'm glad I did.

We made a stop along the way.  The stop took longer than anticipated, but I was cozy and content, waiting and knitting.

Last night found me knitting at home instead of out at knit night which was cancelled due to bad weather.  Knit night out is good because I knit and nothing else.  The only thing to do is knit and talk, and usually I can do both of those things simultaneously.   Most of the time I get a lot accomplished.  Knit night at home isn't always as productive because there are too many distractions.

In spite of the distractions I made good progress last night on my latest project.  This scarf is now in the home stretch with just a few repeats left.

A good example of why I don't leave home without my knitting.

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ashleyammons said...

I'm in this situation quite often. I battle with the thought of, "I know I won't have time to knit, but if I do... I'll at least have my knitting bag with me." My friends are so used to seeing me with it now that they ask me where it is, as if its a companion of mine. But, I guess it is.