Monday, February 21, 2011

Wrapping It Up

I'm in the final stages of getting ready for SPA next weekend.  All the dyeing I did over the last couple of weeks created piles and piles of skeins.

After the dyeing comes the labeling.

I spent an afternoon labeling skeins.  Just when I thought I was finished, I found more skeins to label.  It seemed I would never finish.

The job is done now except for a few odds and ends.

Two new colorways without names.  They won't get labels until I name them.

Even though there's more work to be done, everything is coming together.  I'm in the home stretch.

I've had an idea for one last booth sample so I took a few minutes yesterday to cast on.

This is the solid color version of Diamondback Mitts.  This is a quick knit, so I'm confident I'll have it ready for next weekend.

All this weekend work didn't keep me from a field trip with a friend.  It was the grand opening of a new shop in town.

Their logo says it all - sewing and yarn.  Virginia and her crew have created a delightful space.  You'll find some great pictures of the shop here.  I especially love the drawers of buttons.  They have a well-rounded selection of yarn and fabric, needles and notions, patterns and books.  I'm delighted to have this shop in my backyard.


virginia said...

Ah shucks, thanks for the kind words and for the visiting our little shop. It was swell meeting you!

Karen said...

Geez, I thought for sure I would be getting an emergency yarn labeling call! That looks like an amazing amount of yarn - those folks at Spa have no idea what great colors are coming their way.

My swap package arrived in Norway at last, and she was thrilled! She has promised to blog about it, but I think she only blogs in Norwegian. Maybe this time she will go bilingual.