Friday, February 11, 2011

Over The Hump

Sometimes with knitting projects you have to work through a not-so-much-fun section to get to the other side.  Once you're on the other side, the project is suddenly oh so much fun.  That's been my experience with Scroll Lace Scarf.  This project starts with knitting the border.  Now many projects end with the border.  While the border can often go on and on for mind numbing hours, at least you've already had the satisfaction of knitting the body.  There's a certain motivation to finish the border because, after all, the rest is already done.

But when you start with the border there's always the temptation to abandon ship and scrap the project all together.  Toss it aside - there isn't the investment of time and effort into knitting the body.  It often takes a bit more determination to finish the border and get to the body. While I didn't contemplate ditching Scroll Lace, I was really ready for the border to be finished.

After 28 repeats of a 14 row pattern I had this to show.  Plenty of border.

I picked up the body stitches along the edge and miraculously had the right number of stitches.  It's so encouraging when that happens.  I settled in to work back and forth on all those stitches, and before long this little project was taking shape.

That limp, lifeless border now has form and substance.  This project has taken on a whole new life.  With the border behind me it's full steam ahead.

In case you're wondering about the knitting chickens bag it's made by Michele at Three Bags Full.  You can find this bag and other fun fabric bags on the Dirty Water DyeWorks website.

This has been a good winter for ice.  I've watched ice form and change shape with each storm.  This sheet of ice caught my eye.  There are tiny little icicles hanging off the ice ridges.  The whole thing is a frosty looking glass to the wall behind and is my color inspiration for the week.

Ice sculpture.

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