Friday, February 18, 2011

On A Roll

This time next week will find me at SPA Knit and Spin Weekend in Freeport, ME.  For me it marks the start of another busy season with events almost every month from now through November.  While I'm really looking forward to hitting the road, it means that most of my work time this week has been spent with the dye pots.

I started the week with a manageable list of dyeing that had to be done.

I should have known better.

As so often happens one thing leads to another.  I was inspired with more ideas as I worked through my list, adding colors to the list faster than I was checking them off.

Before I knew it, my list was twice as long as when I had started.

And so it goes.  Instead of fighting it, I rolled with it. 

It's been fun to make discoveries along the way.

There's a new kit in the making.

There are colors that herald the coming spring.

This may be my new favorite color.  I think I'll have to give it a test knit this weekend.

The whirlwind of dyeing is over.  All that's left is the drying.  And the twisting, labeling and packing.  Still plenty of work to do.

We had one lone pumpkin lingering from the fall.  It was dusted with snow in a recent storm.  White on orange is my color inspiration for the week.  

Pumpkin wrapped in a snowy shawl.  


ashleyammons said...

Just beautiful pics of your work. The colors make a wonderful story.

Vermont Designs said...

See you in Freeport Friday evening! Shelagh.

Tanya said...

I'm so excited to deliver the sample tonight for the new kit. It is gorgeous!

Taos Sunflower said...

The photos of your dyed yarn make me so envious!!!! How much fun. I know what you mean about dyeing with a plan and having the list double. It's like making magic sometimes. Best wishes for a great season.