Monday, February 7, 2011

At The Border

It's a new week and a new project.  I started this over the weekend.

This is the very beginning of Scroll Lace Scarf by Ysolda Teague. The blue colored yarn indicates a provisional cast on.  This cast on creates live stitches that can be picked up and worked later.  There are different methods for creating a provisional cast on - crochet a chain and pick up stitches, looped cast on using two different strands of yarn, looped cast on using an extra cable instead of waste yarn.  

My favorite provisional cast on these days is the chained cast on. It has the same result as the crochet chain method but doesn't require picking up stitches.

In this pattern the border is worked first.  After the border is done, stitches will be picked up along the border edge and worked for the body of the shawl.

A long strip of swirly lace.  I worked back and forth, back and forth on fewer than twenty stitches.  While I feel I should have miles and miles of border, I'm only half way done.  Borders can be deceptive that way. 

Here's a visual for the amount of snow we have.  I spotted this buried trash barrel along the sidewalk.  

Still in service.

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