Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Of The Same

Work is moving right along on the Scroll Lace Scarf.  The border is finished, and if life cooperates, I'll pick up the body stitches today. Since I don't have progress to report in pictures (the border I showed you on Monday is the same as the border today only more of it), I thought this would be a good day for a bit of -


~ Knitting meets chemistry.  Prof. Crum Brown was not only a chemist but also a knitter.  In 1883 he created a three dimensional molecular model out of knitting needles and balls of wool.  You can see his model and read about it here.

~ More from the area of science and technology.  Have you ever wanted to use your touch screen out in the cold and found that you have to take off your glove?  With conductive thread you can now use your touch screen and keep your glove on.  Read about Laura Nelkin's experiment with conductive thread.  I can't wait to try this myself.  

~ If you know of a knitter or crocheter who's trying to cover tuition, take a look at the Beans for Brains Scholarship.  This is a great opportunity for some deserving students.  Spread the word.

~ There's a fundraising project underway for The Spun Monkey Dyeworks and Lounge.  Take a look, contribute if you can, tell others. You can read more about The Spun Monkey here.

~ Finally, how would you like to have this for a garden?  It's sure to bring a smile to your face.

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