Monday, January 17, 2011

Testing, Testing

This past weekend was filled with a variety of activities.  Friday night found me at the Common Cod Fiber Guild meeting.  The program for the evening was Ignite Craft: Boston.

The format was based on this Ignite model Using slides the presenters were given five minutes to talk about their passions.  There was no starting over, no time for questions and answers.  Once a presenter started, he/she had to keep going.  We heard presentations about everything from a modern letterpress studio to how to drink a craft beer to locks and how they work.  And there were presentations about fiber crafts - how a knitting charity was started, self publishing a knitting book, marketing for crafters and social media.  The presenters were clever, witty, informative and entertaining.  It was a fun evening.

The result of my weekend knitting was more negative progress than forward progress.  Negative progress - the hat I thought I had completed one night had to be ripped out the following morning. I probably could have lived with it, but I had envisioned a hat that came down over my ears. This one didn't.  I'm proud of myself for coming to this conclusion before I had closed off the top.  I ripped it back to the brim and will knit it all over again.  I'm consoling myself with the notion that it will knit up quicker the second time around.

Forward progress - I'm testing an idea for the booth, testing new colors and new yarn.

I started this - a new fingerless mitt.  I think it's a keeper but will decide for sure once it's finished.  The nice thing about this mitt is it's so small it almost qualifies as a gauge swatch. 

And there was time for fun in the snow.

A walk along the Charles River.

We don't often see such a clear, cloudless, blue sky.

More sledding . . .

. . . and snowshoeing.

I wonder if these were ever found.

Lost and in a tree.

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