Friday, January 28, 2011

All Piled Up

I have a new project underway.  The yarn was with me on a recent shoveling expedition.

Yarn in the wild.

My reward for shoveling was some knitting time.  With very little time invested I had this much to show for my efforts.

This is a scarf.  I'll give more details in another post.  Let me just tell you that I'm in love with this yarn and am already plotting another project with it.

The snow continues to pile up around here, and several roofs have collapsed under all the weight.  As I shoveled yesterday I thought of the snow as a metaphor for my dyeing work.  Several things have come together in the last couple of days, and I suddenly find myself buried. It's all very good and exciting, but I need to dig myself out.

The pile at the end of the driveway is now taller than I am.  I'm on the short side so that probably isn't saying much, but this pile is well over five feet tall.

Then I found this pile.

A massive mountain of snow.  It gives me hope that I can dig out from under all my work.

It's the dead of winter.  I embrace the gray days that signal an approaching storm, but I also appreciate the clear sky that comes after the storm. My color inspiration for the week comes from the latter.

Glistening, icy, snow encrusted branches against a clear blue sky.

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Connie said...

Lovely pattern i=for the scarf and very, very pretty yarn.
Wow! Those are some mountains of snow!