Friday, January 14, 2011

Milkweed Shawl

I finished Milkweed Shawl the other night.  As my family will attest to I have a habit of putting aside things that need to be blocked.  Slowly a mound grows and then I go on a blocking binge.  This time rather than put Milkweed aside "to be blocked later", I got right on it the next day.

Before long the shawl was bathed and on the wires.

Milkweed has a simple yet elegant motif against a background of garter stitch.

The pattern is easy to memorize and includes both chart and written row instructions.

There is an element of texture created by lines of centered double decreases - a nice complement to the garter stitch.

The yarn is Dirty Water DyeWorks Lillian, colorway Purple Potion. Lillian is 100% Superwash Merino with a firm twist and good stitch definition. It dyes up nicely in rich, vibrant colorways.

The nor'easter this week dumped over 20 inches of new snow.

The storm started with wet, heavy snow that put a load on many trees causing power outages throughout the area.

And there was wind.

Wind that created swirls and patterns, sculpting the snow as if it were clay.

The day after the storm dawned clear and cold.

A perfect day for sledding.

My color inspiration for the week comes from the top of the hill as afternoon shadows stretched across the dazzling snow.

The contrast of deep blue on a white canvas.


MicheleinMaine said...

Lovely shawl and great snow pics, Stephanie!

Betsy said...

One of my entries for the Ravelry 10 Shawls in 2010, which had a Dec. 31st deadline to post - was "Started February 27 2010. Finished May 20, 2010. Blocked December 31, 2010."