Wednesday, January 19, 2011

For Your Spare Time

I planned to have knitting pictures to share with you today but ran into some lighting issues.  I'll try to pull those together for later in the week. Never fear.  I do have several fun tidbits to share with you in another installment of . . 


~ If you need to create a color knitting chart, check out the chart maker at Tricksy Knitter.  Once you start playing around with it, you'll come up with all sorts of ideas.  A very handy tool.

~ Yarn Monster is a yarn winder with character.  This extraordinary winder even comes with a remote control.  Be sure to read the story of how Yarn Monster came to be.

~ Take Knitting Daily with you when you're out and about using a new app for iPhone and iPod touch.  This could come in handy when you have a knitting emergency on the road.  And it's free.

~ Finally, click on over to the Silk website for fun with movement and color.  Follow the instructions and give it a whirl.

And now I'm off to do another round of planning - more dyeing, more booth samples.

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