Friday, January 21, 2011

Finished By Friday

I had a goal to share my latest finished object with you this week.  I finished this mitt a few days ago and finally took some photos.

This is another booth sample.  

The pattern is Diamondback Mitts by Stephen West.

The design is on both sides of the mitt and is created using slipped stitches and cables.  It's a great project for someone who wants practice with these techniques.

I was delighted with the thumb.

The cabled stitches form a perfect thumb gusset.

The pattern is written for two color stripes.  I think it would also look nice in one color, so I may knit a solid sample also.

I really enjoyed working with this worsted weight yarn.  For now I am only dyeing it in a variety of colors for this pattern, but I may add it to inventory down the road.

This bowl of goodies caught my eye recently.  The earthy tones of tan to brown to dark brown are so warm and inviting.  They are my color inspiration for the week.

Chocolate almond goodness.

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