Wednesday, December 1, 2010


It's been crunch time the last couple of days as I've scrambled to meet a self-imposed deadline.  Writing, rewriting and rewriting yet again.  I am often a victim of the eternal edit.  And then somehow, miraculously it's time to let go.

The Dirty Water DyeWorks website is up and running.  Pop over and take a look.  To celebrate we are offering free shipping.  This is a work in progress.  More products will be added soon so be sure to check back.

Meeting a deadline like this reminds me of pregnancy and birth - fun and exciting at first but towards the end you just want it to be over. And it's always such a relief when it finally is.

While I feel I've earned some uninterrupted knitting time, now I must catch up on all the things that I let slide.  There's a mountain of dirty laundry, and I hear rumors that there isn't any food in the house.  It's enough work to make me wish I were still facing a deadline.  Almost.

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MicheleinMaine said...

I love that - rumors of no food in the house.

Congrats on the new site - looks great! I hope you get lots of traffic. Are you advertising on Rav?