Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Splash Of Color

Lately I've been knitting with darker colors - blue, brown, charcoal. These colors have been requested for most of my holiday knitting. While I admit that these colors can be hard on my eyes, especially late in the day, I don't mind working with them.

But I think deep down I've been hungry for a splash of brighter colors. Yesterday I dyed some multicolored skeins.  I started with this.

Naked yarn begging for color.

So I added color.

This one reminds me of traditional tie-dye.

I mixed and matched various colors.

This two color combo produced a more subtle mix.

Before I knew it time was up.  I could have played around for a couple more hours, but the rest of life was calling.  And now I have several more color combinations swirling around in my head, waiting for the next opportunity to come out and play.  Maybe later on today.

Thanks to all who responded to the Celebration Contest.  I've enjoyed reading what everyone is working on.  There's still time to enter.  The contest is open until Friday, December 17.

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