Monday, November 29, 2010


These days it's all about crafting - discussions about crafting, articles about crafting, ideas for crafting.  And then there is Pinterest.  I can't go there for fear of losing a day or two.  It must be the season.

We seem to have caught the crafting bug here.  One of my daughters has been hard at work on these.

Needle felted acorns.  Yes, those are real acorn tops.

I have several knitting projects in the works, but I managed to make time for these.

Wee people.

And so they wouldn't be lonely . . .

. . . more wee people.  I am enamored of these little gnome-like creations - they bring a smile to my face.  If I didn't have so many other pressing projects, I would sit and make them all day long. Maybe I can make a deal with myself and ration them out like candy. If I finish all my work for today, I can make three wee people.  

In the spirit of knitting small things I have to share this article with you.  Barbara Walker used to knit doll clothes for fun and relaxation. Schoolhouse Press has acquired her doll collection and has posted an online gallery of some of the dolls.  Be sure to take a look at the pictures.  The details and creativity are amazing.

I leave you with music on a Monday morning.

Way to go ladies!

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