Monday, November 15, 2010

Plenty Of Projects

I'm coming off a fiber filled weekend.  Last week I told myself I was going to devote one weekend day just to knitting.  I did that and more. On Friday I went to the Common Cod Fiber Guild meeting.  The guest speakers were Debbie Brisson (aka Stitchy McYarnpants) and Caro Sheridan (aka Splityarn).  They told the story of how their book, Knitting It Old School, came to be.  They discussed their passion for vintage knitwear and how they wrote and re-wrote the book proposal. Then they talked about the writing, the designs, the samples and the photography sessions in LA.  

As one of the door prizes they gave away a signed copy of their book. Since I had already scored a Bob Hope parking spot for the evening, you can imagine my surprise when I won a copy of the book.

Thank you!  I appreciate vintage knitwear and will enjoy this book of updated vintage patterns.  Debbie and Caro were very entertaining and witty.  If you get a chance to hear them talk, you won't be disappointed.

This weekend included one day to focus on knitting without cooking, cleaning, laundry and driving.  One day may seem like a lot, but when I began to survey all the projects and all the potential projects there suddenly wasn't much time.  My strategy was to spend a bit of time on a couple of projects rather than work exclusively on one.  I started off by finishing my Maine Morning Mitts.  Sorry I don't have a photo - there wasn't a model available.

From there I moved on to Man Mitts.  I had a request for fingerless mitts with this specific yarn, a Shetland wool from Scotland.

I had an issue with gauge and had to knit the cuff twice.  Once I started the thumb gusset I decided to turn my attention to another project.

I've been stuck on Stephen West designs, and that theme continued this weekend.  This yarn has been teasing me for the last month or so.  

Gray has become one of my favorite colors, and I love the variation in this colorway.  This is Dirty Water DyeWorks Lillian, colorway Pumice. I had it earmarked for Pogona so I cast on.  I didn't do much work on it other than to knit through the set up rows.  Pogona is my designated companion for all the meetings and waiting time this week.

Finally, I contemplated this pattern, one that has been on my list for a while. Rather than fight it, I decided to go with the flow and cast on one more project.

More Stephen West - this time Little Colonnade.  This yarn is the mohair/cormo blend from Buckwheat Bridge Angoras.  I love the little orange flecks and can't wait to watch this one unfold.  Now that my needles are stocked with new projects, I should be busy for a while.

I leave you with this pattern to ponder - Knitted Kaleidocycles.  If you want to see them in action, go here.  I'm fascinated with the math and the construction involved.  Hours and hours of entertainment, both in making and in using them.


Mary D. said...

OK. I have to know. What is a Bob Hope parking space?

Stephanie/Dirty Water DyeWorks said...

A Bob Hope spot is a premium parking space - right out front, close to the door.

Mary D. said...

I guess what I meant to say is, why is it called a Bob Hope parking space?

Stephanie/Dirty Water DyeWorks said...

Bob Hope had a reputation for always trying to get the closest parking space, hence the Bob Hope spot.

Mary D. said...

Ah, mystery solved.