Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Contest Talk

Fiber festivals are a wonderful place to meet people - people with whom you wouldn't connect otherwise.  This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Christiane Burkhard of Lismi Knits.  Christiane has designed several patterns including Patches Baby Sweater for the new Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders book.  If you haven't seen this book yet, it's definitely worth your while to take a look.

Christiane showed me one of her new designs, a shawl.   I loved the pattern, and we were discussing it.  The pattern doesn't have a name, and Christiane is running a contest to name it.  One thing led to another, and before you knew it we had collaborated on the naming contest.  The winner of the contest will get a copy of the pattern and a skein of Dirty Water DyeWorks yarn.  Pop on over to Christiane's blog and have a go at naming that pattern.

There's another contest underway - a turkey naming contest.  WEBS has an adorable turkey pattern - almost as cute as the penguins and polar bears.  Name that turkey and win a prize.

Even though my shopping time at Fiber Festival of New England was limited, I did manage to come home with a couple of items.  Near the end of the day on Sunday I dashed to Buckwheat Bridge Angoras for a little something.  Buckwheat Bridge is a sustainable farm that is solar and wind powered.  Their products are made only with the fiber they produce on their farm.

This is a Kid Mohair/Cormo Wool blend.  They had a whole wall full of tempting colors.  It was a hard decision, but I fell for the splashes of orange in this colorway.  This yarn is calling me, and I think I may have to cast on . . . soon. 

I have a weakness for coffee mugs so when I stumbled across these at Hither and Yarn I just had to get one.  It's in keeping with my orange theme and has a great message.

Knit Happy.


Karen said...

Hey. cool mug. And the yarn is extra cool, being sustainable and all. I do like the little surprise color bits. What do you suppose you will make?

FYI, WEBS has closed the comments for the contest. Too bad - I felt like I was on a roll after penning a haiku for the Yarn Harlot the other day and then commenting on Christiane's blog today.

Knit on!

MicheleinMaine said...

Orange mug!!! Love it. Yarn is nice too.

Stephanie/Dirty Water DyeWorks said...

Thanks for the heads up on the turkey naming contest. Just today the pattern was released and is available for free.

After all that it seems the poor guy doesn't have a name. They are calling him #351 Knit Turkey. Even Tom would have been a better name than that.

Stephanie/Dirty Water DyeWorks said...

Sorry about that. The complete pattern link didn't make the previous comment. You can find the link to the pattern on the WEBS blog.