Monday, November 22, 2010

Making A List

Over the weekend I decided to get a jump on my holiday knitting by making a list of possible ideas.  I guess if I were really getting a jump on it I would have done this in July, but for me anything done before Thanksgiving seems like a bonus.

I looked at patterns on Ravelry and consulted a short list I had compiled.  One idea led to another and another and another.  Before I knew it I was flooded with possibilities.  Then I hauled out my stash and began sifting and sorting. If nothing else it was good to take stock of my inventory.  It's nice to be reminded of what I do have.  No, I didn't take pictures and post it all on Ravelry.  That would have required all the time I have available for knitting holidays gifts - and then some.

In the end I was left with a list of real contenders for holiday gifts.  And the best part is I think I can make them all from stash.  Here are some of the ideas swirling around.

Hand coverings are at the top of my list.  The Fletcher Mittens caught my eye.  In addition to using variegated yarn they can also be made with two solid contrasting yarns.  Many options with impressive results.  Then there is Douglas - beautiful colorwork mittens with a liner.  The Bittersweet Vines pattern from Anne Hanson is another option.  This looks to be a quick knit with the added bonus of a neck warmer.  I'm also considering thrummed mittens using a pattern of my own creation.  They provide extra warmth with an inside layer of fiber.

I'm contemplating a couple of scarves.  There is the Carnival Scarf, a feminine little something with a simple pattern repeat.  I have a specific request for One Row Handspun Scarf so I know I can't go wrong with that one.

Then there are the tried and true felted slippers.  I've lost count of how many of these I've made over the years.  Very Warm Hat is also on my list.  And when I've run out of ideas, there is the pattern roundup list for further inspiration.

In addition to thinking about knitting I did some actual knitting over the weekend.  I'm on a roll with Man Mitts, another pattern that will probably make my list of holiday knitting.

I am further along than this picture shows.  I have the index finger done and am waiting for another try on to check the length.  Fingers are a bit of a nuisance but not too tedious.

I wanted to share an update shot of my Little Colonnade but that will have to wait.  I worked on it during a movie in the theater.  Knitting for more than two hours in the near dark was slow going, but I did make progress. Toward the end of the movie I could feel that something was off.  The light revealed an extra yarn over, and I had to rip out one row. I was pleased it wasn't any more than that.

And now I'm off to make another list - what I hope will be my final grocery list for the upcoming holiday.

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MicheleinMaine said...

That's an ambitious list, Stephanie! Have a wonderful holiday!