Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Which Came First?

Yesterday I realized my top pending projects are all on a deadline.  I misplaced a couple weeks after the holidays, so now I'm scurrying to make up for lost time.

My current deadline project is well on its way to completion, so I felt fully justified in lining up the next one.

I've had this color combination on my worktable for a while.  Yesterday, through the wonders of Ravelry, I finally settled on a pattern.  I went back and forth between several options.  When it came right down to it, they are all lovely and any one of them would have worked.  I could have flipped a coin and saved myself a lot of agony and internal debate.  With any luck I'll cast on later today.  

This whole process made me think . . . which came first, the yarn or the pattern.  Do you pick the yarn and then grab a pattern?  Or do you have a pattern in mind and then select yarn?  I use both approaches, but more often than not I have yarn in hand before I choose a pattern. What's your strategy?

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Lee said...

When I buy yarn(which is pretty frequently!), I typically have an idea of what I will make with it. Even though it may sit in my stash for awhile, I don't usually change my plans for it. I am an eternal optimist thinking 'someday' I'm going to have time for all that yarn!