Friday, February 24, 2017

Last-Minute Labels

This post comes to you from Freeport, Maine.  In addition to being the home of L.L. Bean, Freeport also hosts knitters from across New England for one winter weekend.  The knitters have already started to arrive, and by this time tomorrow they will be out in full force and will have taken over the town . . . restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, hotels. No place is safe from the invasion.  I'm sure more than a few will also make their way to L.L. Bean.

Last night in my hotel room I finished the last of the show prep.

It would have been fun to crawl in and get cozy with my knitting, but I had to label just a few more bundles.  

And now this morning I'm off to set up the booth.

I like orange.  Combine it with gray and I'm smitten.  This week's color inspiration . . . 

Nesting baskets.

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